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TAMASEC automation an innovative R& D as a national high-tech enterprise dominant. The company in Dongguan,Suzhou, Chinese with manufacturing factories and R & D center in theNational High-tech Industrial Park of Songshan Lake, is the scientific technologyinnovation and Incubation Center Hospital China signed incubation of high-techenterprises. After years of continuous investment in research and development,has automatic winding equipment complete range of products, products covered bymicro electronic transformer, power inductors, VCM motor throughout themanufacturing process, a number of technology and equipment, in theindustry-leading level, and belongs to the industry's first and only supplierindustry. Since the establishment of TAMASEC began to focus on the industrialrobot, control technology, visual system and integrated applicationdevelopment, own brand industrial robot developed 4-6 shaft multi joint ofdifferent product types and load, can provide application solutions in differentindustries. Relying on the China manufacturing transformation made the marketdemand, high starting point China quickly starting the manufacturing ofindustrial robots, upgrading accumulated system integration projects in 3Cindustry unmanned factory, independent research and development and holdsdozens of software copyright, invention, utility model patents, appearanceetc..

TAMASEC has been adhering to the"create value for customers business philosophy since its inception,advocating technological innovation and constantly go beyond, to continuouslyprovide customers with high-end smart equipment is stable and reliable for theeternal pursuit of enterprises. Will continue to be committed to themanufacturing process and the process of advanced implementation, cooperationand innovation in the pursuit of user investment expectations and the nationalindustrial chain upgrade.

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